1 Kings 17:17-24

– a woman
– Elijah
– Her son
– God

A woman’s son was sick and died. She complains about the tragedy to Elijah, and Elijah had a compassion to her, and pray for her and her son with his all heart, and her son was revived because God let his life to be returned.

Whenever I read the bible, I realize many people can recognize how God works by a miracle, or by gaining something from God. Without proof, it is hard to believe God, and God always showed his proof. However, this is not frequent event. This is a special case, but it happens.

I am asking Holy Spirit not to make a sin or not tumbled by a temptation or sin or Satan. This is the first thing I have to do. I think the motivation is the disappointment from the work place. Especially, it comes after the bad review last year, and Ben does not look to be happy with it, too. That is burden to me, and I feel guilty from God, and the result was from my sin, I believe.

Today’s passage represents that she claims that “have you come here to point out my sins and kill my son?” She might have a similar guilty-feeling. However, her agony strongly delivered to Elijah and God, and God revived her son and it could be happiness for her.

But, why God gave a such a grief to her? Why this happened? Because of her sin? Maybe…she might turn her sin to back. Like what I do these days.

Keep praying and wait how God works. I don’t know what else I can do more than that.

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