Battery: How to Charge and When to Charge? My Macbook Pro have Lithium-ion (Li-ion, polymer) type battery, and I always wonder what is the best way to charge to prolong the battery life. In short and based on the webpage, I can charge and discharge in anytime. It doesn’t harm and there is no “memory” if it is Lithium-ion type. Yes, almost everyone may know Read more about Battery: How to Charge and When to Charge?[…]

Drupal Plugin: Administrator Menu

It is good to have drop-down menu in administrator page in Drupal, and Administration menu make it possible. One problem I have is that when it is installed, the default administrator toolbar is shown so, the administrator menu shows twice like this:   To avoid the problem, you can disable the Toolbar module in Modules menu.  

How to make a Podcasts in iTunes via Drupal

– Summary: Generate RSS 2.0 (XML file) format for iTunes Test the XML URL in iTunes (Files -> Subscribe to Podcast…) Submit the XML URL into iTunes: here – A little bit in detail: The Podcasts in iTunes reads RSS formatted file (XML formatted) and shows the contents of it. The detailed info is in Apple’s podcast Read more about How to make a Podcasts in iTunes via Drupal[…]

Pop-Up Alert in Command line using AppleScript

You can open pop-up alert in command line using AppleScript. Let Finder or System Events display dialog like this:[ref]StackOverflow: How do I make a Mac Terminal pop-up/alert? Applescript? [/ref] osascript -e ‘tell app “Finder” to display dialog “Hello World”‘ osascript -e ‘tell app “System Events” to display dialog “Hello World”‘ You can get the return response like Read more about Pop-Up Alert in Command line using AppleScript[…]