Disabling Multitasking on iPhone 4/3GS

* refer to http://xaviesteve.com/disable-multitasking-in-ios4-no-jailbreaking-needed/ Simply change the property of multitasking as false in /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/NxxAP.plist. The reference web page shows N82AP.plist, but currently it’s N88AP.plist. I didn’t look further, but I could guess its name would be changed in time. Using ssh/scp, you can copy it from/to Mac and manipulate it.

Introducing Android Style Lock for iPhone

This is also cool feature from jailbreak for iPhone. It switches the number based locking system to geographical way to unlock. It is iLock. To install of iLock, the iPhone has to be jailbroken and you can purchase it via Cydia. After configuring of it, you need to do respring. Otherwise, lock screen won’t work Read more about Introducing Android Style Lock for iPhone[…]

Introducing Nice iPhone/iPad News Reader Apps

She is really mania for Apple products like iPhone/iPad/MacBook Pro, and I’ve subscribed for a long time. This time, she introduces very cool apps for news reader. Since I didn’t have iPad yet, only “pulse” apps works for me (iPhone), but it is good enough for me at now. Take a look her review the Read more about Introducing Nice iPhone/iPad News Reader Apps[…]