Conflict of Emacs and Yahoo Calendar Widget

This is just a note for the conflict hot key of emacs and the calender yahoo widget.

I have installed emacs 22.2 for Windows XP today. I just found interesting thing that the set-mark-command hot key of C-SPC in the emacs didn’t work. It is used very often when emacs is being used. Only S-C-SPC made works for set-mark-command at the first time.

I just found that it is conflicting one of yahoo widget, calendar, which assigned ctrl+space hot key as speak memo hotkey. Because of the reason, emacs’ C-SPC was not working. Here is the instruction of the step to avoid of it.

  1. Open the calendar widget
  2. Click the Widget Preferences in the calendar widget
  3. In Speak Memo Hotkey field, select “none” by typing backspace.
  4. Click “Save”
  5. Done.