Skip GIT SSL Verification

While using git with https, sometimes, in someplace, I encounter like this error: Initialized empty Git repository in /xxxx/xxxx/.git/ Password: error: server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt CRLfile: none while accessing https://xxxx@xxxx.xxxx/xxxx/xxxx.git/info/refs fatal: HTTP request failed It might be a bug from Ubuntu’s git, but I’m not sure at this time. For workaround of it, Read more about Skip GIT SSL Verification[…]

Disabling Multitasking on iPhone 4/3GS

* refer to Simply change the property of multitasking as false in /System/Library/CoreServices/ The reference web page shows N82AP.plist, but currently it’s N88AP.plist. I didn’t look further, but I could guess its name would be changed in time. Using ssh/scp, you can copy it from/to Mac and manipulate it.

Multiple ssh private keys

* referred by In .ssh directory, if there is a config file, ssh keys can be controlled by it. For example, ~/.ssh/config would be [code lang=”bash”] Host *.home.lan IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_dsa.home User kbsingh Host *.vpn IdentityFile ~/.ssh/ User karanbir Port 44787 Host * IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa.d0 User admin Port 21871 [/code] id_rsa.xx is the private key.