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  1. Hi,
    first I have to say, great plugin! But I have one little problem, if I use the “\Large” setting, it won’t be converted into a larger version, instead the Backslash is just ignored and the “Large” is part of the expression:

    I use this statement in a wordpress page:

    Do you know why this might happen?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Sorry for delayed answer. I am currently moving to new area, and internet environment for home is not setup yet, so I am still struggling of it. Once the internet is setup for home, I will look at it.



    1. Hi Chris,

      Sorry for long delayed answer. After moving to new house, I forgot this.

      I have checked this one, but it seems that there is no problem of “” with this plugin.

      Probably, one of your plugins might remove the backslash sign.

      To check it out, could you disable all plugins in your place and turn on only “YW-LATEX WP Plugin” to see if it shows correctly?

      To narrow it down, you may turn on each plugins to see which one would cause the problem.

      Hope this would help.



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  3. Hi, I use your plugin its the greatest for Equations on a sinlge line!
    But for shorter inline-equations the latex pngs appear such that they are always way below the baseline of the text. This looks ugly. Is there anyway to adjust inline equations baseline, or can one correct something in the plugin?
    That would be the final solution for simple latex-blogging!

    1. Hi, Jan,

      I’ve updated yw-latex 1.2.1 for 1. test for 3.0.1, and 2. adding “align” option for your request.

      So, you can achieve it by adding “align” option in math tag.

      If you have a question, please let me know.

      Thank you,

  4. The following expression works with your plugin:

    The following expression doesn’t work with your plugin:

    The only difference between the two expressions is the inclusion of the final


    on the last occurrence of “k” in the expression.

    1. Hi Jeremiah,

      It’s been long time not to look at this. Sorry for the long delay.

      I don’t know if you can see this reply today, but I leave this comment for future reference.

      You’ve commented

      \mathif{k}\mathbf{v}=\begin{bmatrix}\mathif{k}\mathbf{v}_x & \mathif{k}\mathbf{v}_y & \mathif{k}\mathbf{v}_z \end{bmatrix}

      , but there is no mathif in context. I think it should be “mathit” not “mathif”

      Also, that’s weird if “mathif” of previous one is working.

  5. >>Important Notice for mathTeX public web service users<<
    mathTeX's ISP no longer permits "dreamhost" subdomains.
    That means your tags of the form

    will not work after November 30, 2011.
    Change them all to

    That is, just remove the “dreamhost.” from all tags. That works right now.
    To repeat, the address of the public mathTeX server is now
    so write tags of the form

    to access it. Thanks, John Forkosh.

  6. Hi Daniel,

    I have a feature request I was wondering if you might implement. At present, the images returned for latex statements have no alt attributes. If there were a way to strip out any formatting information from the latex so it’s just the expression, could that be placed in an alt tag so that content would be available to search engines and screen readers, and would be visible if the image failed to load?

    Thank you,

  7. Hello,

    The plugin is great and works fine not only with mathtex, but also with mimetex.cgi with no problems. Thank you for developing it.

    Just a remark now – the version 1.4.0 is not uploaded on the WordPress site – there’s still the 1.3.0 version. Not a hassle for me (I use my own mimetex.cgi), but…

  8. First, it had been a great plugin for so long since i first launched my site.

    Now, i have a little bit problem about the plugin in, just wonder if you have any idea.

    For every latex in my site, i don’t know when it first appeared like that, it takes a SINGLE LINES.

    for example

    I typed “Find the area of if AB = 2 and h =2 ” in my blog.

    It displays in browser

    “Find the area of

    if AB = 2 and h =2 “

  9. Hi, thanks for creating this plugin. I have recently noticed that instead of rendering LaTeX image, an error message (“For production use, please install mathtex.cgi on your own server…”) is shown on my page. Sample page: http://www.ntrand.com/bernoulli-distribution/.

    From my research, it seems that this message is for sites that have more than 20,000 latex images. I only have probably a hundred or so.

    I also have not updated my pages. The only change done would be the yw-latex plugin update I’ve done a couple of weeks back.

    Would you know the cause and how to remedy? Thanks!

  10. Hi: why did the plugin stopped working today ,,, been good for a long time, tried all three options … is the plugin still supported ..

  11. Hello,
    I use this tools since more than a year now without any problems. Today I change my homepage from http to https. Since than I got the message

    “your domain is not authorized to use mathTeX on this server”

    I also try both other links mentioned above. With them I got empty picture symbols.

    Have you any idea what I can do to get my formulars back on my page?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Kind regards


        1. Hi Ralph,

          Alternatively, if you want to keep previous

          It might work, but the real solution is you need to put

          <meta name="referrer" content="always">

          in your theme’s header.php

          John Forkosh explained that his website looks at the HTTP_REFERER for security reason, and as long as your browser sends it, it works as normal.

          If you want to use previous mathtex.cgi for the nice graphic Latex, you may modify your header.php in your theme

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